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- Our Story - 

The Conscious Food Co, champions the best of Cornish fish & Somerset Meat.  We believe that there should be zero compromise when it comes to the provenance and quality of Fish & Meat, which is why we are proud of what we sell to you all.


Quality food & true provenance of the food is at the heart of everything we do and what we are about. Our founder Jonny Burnett is a trained chef, and has worked in 2 Michelin star kitchens, ran his own restaurant, as well as cooking across France & Italy, so we know lots about superb ingredients, and what food can do. During the first lockdown Jonny helped create a community group which sent out more than 17,000 meals across North Somerset & Bristol for free, again drumming home the importance of proper food in communities.


The Conscious Fish Co launched at the beginning of 2020, delivering boxes of freshly caught fish to the homes of our customers. We worked closely with our fish supplier in Cornwall. Soon, the word spread, and we had lots of wonderful customers enjoying fish that has been landed within 24 hours of being delivered to their door.  Which is why we wanted to increase what we offer, and work with not only local fishermen, but local farmers & meat suppliers, which is why we have decided to include meat, and become the Conscious Food Co.

 - Our Beliefs -

We are passionate about our job, well it is not really our job, to us, it is our life. You see, we think that the wonders of land and sea throughout the West Country should be made available to everyone, everyone should be able to taste what proper meat & fish tastes like. After all, the environment benefits so much, when we eat what is local to us, instead of flying food half way across the world, to be sat in plastic covered packaging, on supermarket shelves.

Another way we channel our passion of great food & service to you, is by sending out incredible, mouth watering recipes with every order, to help you make the most of the fabulous food you have ordered.


- Our Future - 

Although we are only small, we have ambitions to keep growing organically, and to bridge the gap between our customers and the Farmers & Fishermen, to allow everyone to experience the true delights of ‘properly’ sourced food.

To do that, we want to keep our customers happy by supplying them with only the best Meat & Fish, with a superb service, and to add and improve on what we offer month by month.