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Deluxe Weekend Box (4 Deluxe Fillets, 8 Half Shell Scallops)

Deluxe Weekend Box (4 Deluxe Fillets, 8 Half Shell Scallops)

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4 fillets of our Prime Brixham fish from 2 different species, usually from two of the following ( Wild Sea Bass, Hake, Plaice, Gurnard, Red Mullet, Brill, Monkfish) and 8 of our wonderful Torbay Half Shell Scallops. You will be able to enjoy the very best of sustainable Devon seafood, and experience cooking the same fish that Bristol's best chefs get to cook day in day out. 


The Scallops will be cleaned and ready to cook, but they will be left in half of their shell, these are decorative and give a truly authentic experience. Our fish in this box will change weekly, but we PROMISE that it'll always be prime, deluxe fish, which you will certainly enjoy.


How will the fish arrive?

As with all of our fish, the fillets within this box will come expertly filleted, vacuum packed, labelled and ready for you to cook. We do our upmost to ensure that there are no bones in the fish after filleted, however, it is always worth you checking. And The Scallops will be loose in the box within the Half Shell.


How long will the fish last & storage information.

3 - 4 days.
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