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Dozen Half Shell Scallops (12)

Dozen Half Shell Scallops (12)

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These Scallops are still kept in half of their shell, what does this mean? It allows you to cook them in a different way, maybe under the grill with some garlic butter, and parmesan, so it will gratinate on the top and be beautifully crisp.
You will get 12 of these fantastic Half-Shell Scallops.

How will the Scallops arrive?

Our Scallops will arrive washed, and packed loose into a recyclable box.

How long will the fish last & storage information.

You can keep our Scallops in the fridge for up to 3 days. We do not advise freezing the Scallops, as when you freeze fresh scallops, you ruin their texture and take away the flavour. 
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