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Dressed Devon Crab

Dressed Devon Crab

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What do you get?

One impressive Dressed Devon Crab, perfect for a platter, grazing, or a lovely light lunch. Our Dressed Devon Crab is of the highest quality, and all efforts have been made to remove all the shell within the meat. Our Dressed Crab has a mixture of white & brown crab meat, so you will get all the flavour you could want! 
Our Dressed Devon Crab is approx 200g.

How will the Crab arrive?

As you would expect, our beautiful Dressed Devon Crab will come with the meat picked and presented in the shell, and then will be wrapped so it can safely been transported to you to enjoy.

How long will the fish last & storage information.

You can keep our Dressed Devon Crab in your fridge, and there will be an expiry date on the packaging, usually within a 3-5 day use by range. 
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