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Live Lobster (approx 700g-1kg)

Live Lobster (approx 700g-1kg)

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What do you get?

You will receive 1 majestic Brixham Lobster. Lobsters are famed for being the centre piece of special meals, so this is the perfect chance for you to eat in style, by choosing Cornish Lobster. 
Native UK Lobsters are so much better than Canadian or Atlantic Lobsters, but don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself.

How will the Lobster arrive?
We will deliver the Lobsters to your door with bands around the claws for your safety. The Lobsters will arrive to you live, and you will then have to prepare them so they are ready to eat & enjoy.

How long will the fish last & storage information.
You can keep the Lobster in the fridge for up to one day live, I would recommend leaving it in a bucket of salt water until you cook it.
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