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Turbot (700g/1kg)

Turbot (700g/1kg)

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What do you get?

Enjoy the experience of cooking and eating this luxurious, beautiful fish, which rightfully earns it's nickname as 'King of the Sea'. Turbot is a fabulous fish to roast on the bone, whole, in the oven - and enjoy with seasonal vegetables, and potatoes - a truly majestic diner.
This fish will be sourced straight from Brixham market, off of one of the day boats we use when we supply all of our other fabulous fish. The size of the fish will vary between 700g/1kg, which is a generous size which could easily do 2 portions, or with other garnishes, you could do a small family with this one fish.

How will the fish arrive?

The Turbot will arrive whole, not wrapped or labelled, in a box, ready for you to cook, refrigerate or freeze. 

How long will the fish last & storage information.

You can keep our Turbot in your fridge for 5 days, or you can freeze it for as long as you like. Our fresh is landed within 24 hours of it being at your door, so the fish is incredibly fresh.
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